An artist who wants their artwork to attract the love of art lovers and art dealers, at first sight, need to have these basic art tools. Moreover, the proper tools from the proper brand make art easy and stand you out from the crowd. 

  • Pencils & Erasers:

Getting the right sets of reliable 2B, 6B, and 4H pencils help create art pieces that have a lasting status. Erasers are important in removing graphite(pencil) mistakes preferably a white eraser. Kneaded erasers that don’t leave crumbs are also great choices. 

  • Drawing Pads:

Emerging artists are made to think they need the (most) expensive drawing papers to be able to draw like an expert. But, honestly, a low-cost, affordable sketch pad can be enough to do that which you want. The quality of the sketch pads should be considered above price. Check in at our store for quality sketch pads. 

  • Stretch pads: 

This should be considered for watercolor; because they remain flat when wet and hold back paints from spilling on the ground or other surfaces. For acrylics paints, canvas or heavyweight paper pads should be considered. 

  • Palette and Brush: The kind of panting determines the brush to be used. Acrylic paints require a filbert, a flat wash brush, and a small liner brush. For watercolors, a medium or large-sized brush, a round brush, and a liner brush are standard go-to brushes.

Like the sketch pads, money can be saved on this too by going for an inexpensive plastic paint palette suitable for watercolors and acrylics at our store or any local market in your area. The plastic palette is easy to wash which is why it is highly recommended. 

  • Paints:

An artist doesn’t need a trillion of paint(watercolors, oils, or acrylics) tubes to begin with; especially an upcoming artist. An artist can get a tube each of the specific paint colors and mixes to create new ones. Colors like red, brown, blue and yellow should primarily be considered.

  • Painting paper pads: The best choice of painting paper pads depends on the kind of paint to be used. 

So, get these basic tools at a trusted, reliable brand like ours and unlock the greatness in you. Because at our stores, we make it our responsibility to provide you with these quality art tools at a very affordable price. 

Shop with the brand that makes art easy; Art Easy Nigeria, and be on top of the world. 



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