COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected individuals, organizations, and businesses from around the entire world. 

The virus has caused a lot of firms to reduce their workforce and forced many others to completely shut down operations temporarily. It is expected that many others will shut down permanently due to the financial crisis spreading with the disease. 

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The creatives in the art world are not left behind. Besides, in a time when demand for pieces of art is low and many clients probably won’t be willing to complete outstanding balances or payments, it has become necessary to find means to survive as an artist. 

Below are some of the art grants ongoing and upcoming that you can apply for to get funds that can aid the progress or completion of ongoing projects. 

Artists Grant; 

This organization provides grants for visual artists who are 18 years and older. The location of artists is not restricted. Therefore, visual artists from all over the globe have been given the opportunity to apply. 

Current Grant Recipient: Ken Nwadiogbu Image from Artists Grant Website

The visual Artist who is eventually selected gets to go home with $500 USD. Although, previous winners are not allowed to partake more than once. 

July 15& October 15, 2020, are upcoming application dates.

Visual artists who express themselves through fresh media are also opportune to apply for this application. Visual artists who are painters, photographers, installation, etc are expected to participate. 

Learn more here: submission guidelines

For more information email You could also follow them on Instagram for updates and see samples of work from previous & current applicants selected to participate. Checking the work from previous candidates gives you an idea of what you should do and if it can beat previous creatives. 

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The Hopper Prize

This organization aims to promote the pieces of art created by passionate artists. The deadline for submission can be found here. For future updates check their IG Page: @hopperprize

The grant is opened to individual artists from all over the world. Artists should be 18 years and older without restrictions on the art medium. Artists who create works from such mediums as photography, installation, sculpture, etc are granted the privilege to apply. 

Adrian Coleman’s image from

Selected artists get the opportunity of having their works promoted on the Instagram handle of the organization. This is an extra means of gaining publicity. 

If you are reading this article at a time when submission deadlines have expired, it is still advisable to click on the Art Grant organizations’ links and subscribe to their newsletter. Then follow them on social media handles they have provided for further updates and observation of the works of past winners and finalists so you can prepare ahead what is expected when the next application opens.

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