Every child is an artist because kids are very creative. But of course, for the process of making art to be easy for your pupils currently, when they fully develop and mature into teenagers and young adults; it’s important to provide them with Arteasy materials

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At Arteasy Nigeria, we fully understand how difficult it might be for parents who didn’t grow up in an art environment or have adequate knowledge about art to get art supplies for their kids. So, a lot of questions are raised and we believe it is only proper for us as the number one online art supply store in Nigeria to help parents and schools in this regard. 

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  • Playdough

Some kids enjoy playing and creating with mud.

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Others enjoy disintegrating stuff and bringing them back together. These are some of the things playdough allows your kid or student to enjoy and



it has been acting as an efficient art tool for kids because it increases their level of imagination, critical thinking, and creativity. Plus, your kids are making art playfully enjoying the whole process.

Playdough can be used to realize the sculptural potential of your kids and also helps to discover their dramatic ability; a skill that can develop into performance art. Playdough helps you kid with molding and decorations.

  • Glue

This is one of the essential art materials that should be made available for kids to create beautiful crafts.

For your kids, consider the UHU All Purpose Adhesive because it is durable, works rapidly, can temporarily be corrected, and does not wrinkle the paper or cardboard. Most especially, it is safe for kids at home and in schools.

Kids need glues to make a paper collage. Kids need glues to paste cardboards or woods during sculpturing. 

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  • Sketchpads and Notepads

Kids learn more when the learning materials are attractive and colorful. The same thing with making arts; kids are more interested in something they can play with and has materials that are colorful with attractive features.

At Arteasy Nigeria, we have carefully selected notepads from reputable brands with unique specifications that kids can be proud to own. These notepads can be used for their sketches and drawings. The pencils and pens are used to draw ideas on the notepads and cardboards in making paper collages. Sketchpads can be used for the same purpose as the notepads but these come in different sizes and is stronger for accommodating some other art activities that the notepads won’t allow. 

  • Pens, Brushes, and Markers;

Artistic brushes are fancied for paintings and as always, kids can use them in creating as much mess as they can.

And knowing that they can make much mess is one of those things that make the creation of art easy for them. Kids favor markers because they are less difficult to use and do not need a lot prepping time like the pencil that has to be sharpened.

Markers are should be considered because they can control the level of mess kids can create and unlike pencils some of them are refillable and easy to maintain. The Monami Whiteboard Marker and the Monami Sigmaflo Whiteboard Marker with different color variations that can be blended are available on the Arteasy Nigeria online art supply store at affordable prices.

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Other art supplies you should get for your kids or students include crayons which can be used to teach them how to draw and stickers, cardboards, clay. Tapes, and watercolors. Remember to always get attractive and colorful art supplies for your kids. And you can always trust Arteasy Nigeria for everything art supplies for your kids. 

Having witnessed the trends and development in the art market in Nigeria for years and still counting; we are privileged to present a comprehensive, relevant, and functional list of best art materials your kids or students need to enjoy making art. At the end of the post, feel free to visit our online art store for modish and inexpensive art supplies for kids. 

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