One of the most important things you have to learn as an emerging artist is the safe-keeping of your art tools and materials. Even as a professional, if you don’t learn how to manage and sustain the old art tools and materials, you will continue expending money on them. My mum once told me how much unnecessary expenses they incurred in my days in primary and junior secondary school because I could not manage my pencils, erasers, notepads, and more.  If you also don’t apply these easy ways of keeping your art tolls and materials, you will end up with unnecessary and unintelligent expenses.  

Your art tools and materials are the foundation of your creativity. Therefore, neglecting them is detrimental to the quality of your artwork. Taking care of your art supplies or materials are easy, all you need to do is follow the steps below: 

Create a workspace


Especially if you are an artist who works from home, there is a need to have a separate space where you can work. Similarly, it serves as a place to keep all your art supplies or materials. This prevents your kids from playing around with it or searching for it when you need them. Additionally, the workspace should be well organized; that is clutter should be avoided.  

Keep water away from your work

Canvas, sketch pads, and even your paintings are some of those things you have to keep very far away from water. Better still, avoid taking water to the studio. If you are drinking from a water cup while in the studio, make sure they are far from your canvas 

Clean paint brushes

It is important that you clean paintbrushes for them to be durable because the bristles can be easily destroyed if not properly cleaned. After a watercolor painting, use water only but use thinners if you have just finished an oil painting. Ensure to dry them well enough to keep enjoying the quality of your art materials and tools. It is essential that you clean your brushes immediately after use. 

Store art supplies separately

Sketchpads should not be kept with scissors, knives, or blades. There are different types of boxes and containers that have been made specifically for different types of art materials. These boxes can be purchased or even made to store paint tubes or pencils in different compartments. This also makes it easy for you to access them for use. 

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