Many have become really sad as a result of the lockdown. Yes, it can really be boring just staying indoors without the opportunity to visit your studio or continue that art project you have ongoing with your partner, friend, or colleague. Really frustrating. Accept our sincere empathy.

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Even as simple as not been able to physically meet up with friends and family can be annoying, stressing, and tiring but look at the bright side.

This article presents the different things you get to do under this lockdown that might become impossible after the lockdown is overturned and coronavirus disease is long gone. 


  • Regain Control;


One of the advantages of lockdown is that it gives you the opportunity to regain control over lost time, energy, money, and other resources. It helps you relax, rebuild, and restrategize.

The lockdown comes with the opportunity to gain more creative and productive power because now you have less to worry about in terms of delivery, competitions, exhibitions, etc. The lockdown even allows you to check, adjust, and prepare better for previous plans that have been made before the lockdown was initiated.

Therefore, depending on your perspectives; the two weeks lockdown can help regain control of your mind rather than lose control of your wellbeing.

So, you have to look at the positive gains it brings rather than worrying about the things you can’t change. 

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  • Make Necessary Updates; 


Did a gallery or art grant agency you apply for raise a correction in your artist statement that you have not been able to amend? Well, the time to make those corrections is now when you have less to deal with as you would on a normal day when there is no lockdown.

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Go through your biography, resume, or CV and rewrite them adding achievements, latest art pieces and many other you left behind. 

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  • Arrange and Dispose of; 


Now you have a lot more time to put your art studio in order. Also, you have adequate time to go through your art tools, materials, or supplies. Sort, clean, assemble, and group art supplies discarding the junks you don’t need anymore. After disposal of the art tools and supplies you don’t need, we will be honored to have you check our online art store. There you will find inexpensive, standard, and modish art tools and materials from the best brands in the world. 


  • Change Studio Look;


Maybe out of boredom or as a result of necessity, the lockdown is an opportunity to give your art studio a new look.

You have a lot of things off your hands now which means more time to renovate and redecorate your art studio.

In the process, you get to see and identify art materials or facilities that need repairs. You can decide to restore those you can like your desk, chairs, tables, etc. Or arrange them together for expert repairs after the lockdown has ended which makes it easier to remember. 


  • Browse Arteasy Nigeria online store;


The lockdown gives you the opportunity to window shop on our online store. Check our affordable prices and quality brands that we have carefully handpicked for your convenience, and help you create faster. Fell free to add items to your carts. Just have fun…  

So, now that you have seen the opportunities handed over to you by the lockdown; do you still think it is a waste of time and money. Or a good time to do the things you normally won’t have been able to do or have sufficient time to make them happen. 

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