Several businesses are going to be severely affected by the lockdown that has been initiated by different governments. 

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However, a smart and wise art collector and entrepreneur would be thanking the government for the lockdown because of the opportunities it presents. Opportunities which when exploited have the capacity to advance your career as a collector or art professional beyond the radar it is currently and the buzz it is getting. 

So what are the windows of opportunities the COVID-19 lockdown presents you as an art-entrepreneur and collector? 

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First, you need to apply a method of adopting and adapting your different strategies; marketing, meeting, customer care, etc to meet online time and needs which could be abundant at the moment. Since most of your operations will be done online, you need to design your schedule and agenda in that regard. You still see the need to stay indoors for more days. check our online store: for your art supplies.

  • Check, delete, and respond to emails appropriately;


While you might get the opportunity to check your inbox on a normal day; you can agree that it is not very easy to reply at all. When you do, it is difficult to reply (all) appropriately or adequately. As a collector and art entrepreneur with emails from delivery agencies, galleries, customers, and many more; the lockdown gives you an opportunity to do this to new and outstanding emails that require your attention. Also, it gives you ample time to delete messages in situations when your inbox is full. So you can receive new emails and respond to them in due time. 


  • Art catalog;


One essential skill an art entrepreneur and art collector must possess are the appropriate classifying of artworks that are available for sale. In our previous article, we have emphasized that this is also important to make (more) online sales across the various social media platforms. This is one opportunity you get to enjoy and exploit as a result of the lockdown that is ongoing. Now you even get more time to add details to the catalog. 


  • Take more images for uploads;

Identified that artwork or art collection in your inventory without an image that can be posted online? This is a window of opportunity to do that. You can also decide to take as many pictures of artworks in your catalog that already have images. But this time, you are using a different style or background. You can also take more before and after images. 

  • Upload more images;

Again, you need to understand that more and more art lovers have more than enough time to spend online as a result of the lockdown. Therefore, this is your chance to acquire new customers and motivate your current followers to make a move in buying that artwork or collection. Mind you, the chances of making sales at this time equal zero or is very little if you don’t take advantage of more time available to upload more images. 

Most especially, the upload of new artworks or collections. You can also creatively and strategically reupload images of previous artworks that tend to fit into the mold of what the world is experiencing at the moment. 

  • Accounting;

Now you have time to look into your spendings and debts. You also have the opportunity to create a financial plan for the coming month or year as you wish. Additionally, you can reach out to your audit personnel or agency to report on or identify imbalances. 

Like you have seen above, it is possible to do and achieve more staying indoors. So, use the opportunity to stay safe while operating, creating, and producing pieces of art that are classic. 

However, as you step out due to the partial lockdown that starts in some states like Lagos; use your masks, maintain two feet from people as much as possible, wash your hands before entering your house, clean your phones, and everything else.


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