We have talked about ways to make more art sales on Instagram numerous times on this platform. However, most of these contents have been focused solely on Instagram but it is a universal fact that there is sales opportunity in other platforms too. So, this article will be dissecting and explaining the general methods you can use to sell art online across all social media platforms. 

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The objective of this article is to present vivid strategies and steps that can be applied to achieve a solid flow of online sales beyond Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to the rest of the world. These insights can be applied across all types of art career; painting, photography, sculpture, digital art, etc. Although you might need to adjust some of these things to fit and suit your medium of artistic creation and expression. 

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Let’s begin… 

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So how do other artists sell [more] arts online? Simply, they apply efficiently the points mentioned below: 

The strategies below have been divided into three groups which include what you do before, during, and after. 


The first thing is to organize yourself as an artist. Lack of structure is costly generally as an artist especially one that is willing to move into the world of online sales.

If presently, your artworks are not compiled or grouped then you are going to make a mess of your online sales potential. So, before you move to the online market: 

  • Create a catalog; have an inventory of all your artworks; the ones that have been sold, are being exhibited, in-display art galleries, etc. Creating a catalog makes it easy to identify artworks that are available for sales. You don’t want to put artwork up for online sale only to find out that it is not your reach or unavailable.

This also standardizes your image and status as a professional artist. 

  • Know your art and worth; decide if you are selling drawings, or images if you are a photographer. Then research and conclude on other things that go with the art product you decide to sell such as photography framing, delivery fees, etc. If you will be doing all of those, then you really need to add them to the price of the art and be sure you know where and how to get quality frames or a standard delivery agency before putting your art online. It can be likened to displaying art supplies on Arteasy Nigeria website without registering or agreeing with an agency that will deliver the order you make. 
  • Create a catalog; It is a known fact that creating an inventory will not be as interesting and fulfilling as creating art.

But irrespective of how tedious excel sheets are and passionless you feel towards maths you cannot buy your way out of it.

Therefore, create an excel file with all your artworks, kinds, prices, methods, and descriptions. These sections on the excel sheet are important as they will be consulted before uploading your artworks on the different online galleries and social media handles. 

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Remember to stay indoors and wash your hands frequently with soap and water every time you use the toilet, eat, or come back from outside.

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