In the first episode, it has been established that you need to have a catalog prepared before you start uploading your artworks online. The second episode looks at the part where storytelling using strategies like text, videos, and images can motivate your potential audience in making positive moves to buy your artwork or lead to one of their networks taking that action. 

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These are some other strategies or factors you can exploit after launching your online presence that can aid massive sales of your artwork both online and offline. 

Online Galleries: 

This is a website that allows you to display your artwork for sale to their online community. Saatchi art is one of the most popular online galleries in the world. If you look hard enough, you will find so many that collect your kind of art for display because it is relevant and functional to their audience.

As you know art sales are expanding away from the traditional galleries to the online market. 

So while you have connections with offline galleries it is important to do the same with the ones online. Inclusively, you don’t get to pay online galleries as much commission as you would pay a physical, “door open and you enter” kind of gallery. Great insight, right? I know.

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Nonetheless, to be in front of the audience of online galleries, you can consider making budgets for paid promotions on that platform. Because some of these galleries have more than enough artists which means your artwork might not be discoverable by the members. Remember, it is impossible to want to make [so much]  sales or money without spending money. 

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Terms and Conditions;

When dealing with any online platform or website it is important to understand the terms and conditions that bind you with such a platform.

Check the terms and conditions for commissions the gallery takes off your artwork sales and who is responsible for shipping and shipping costs. What authority do they have over your art, who takes [or more] responsibility when an artwork is destroyed. 

Knowing the terms and conditions of being an artist-entrepreneur on the platform guides you on the price of your art and the decision to be a part of the online platform. It is possible to be an artist-entrepreneur on more than one online gallery as long as you are okay with the terms and conditions. Also, you should consider demand, time zones of each country which can decide your shipping time, and supply. Standard of your artworks are also essential and as the first online art supply store, we got you covered on the lates, inexpensive, and modish art supplies.

Print on demand is another way to make sales online as an artist but to make your art style and works relevant you can make them exclusive or decide the number that will be printed. Still, your offline connections are part of the long term plan that can awake the interest of art professionals and lovers in your artwork leading to more sales online

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Selling arts online is not a dream that cannot be achieved. However, to attract and retain online customers; you need to buy from the best art supply store. Arteasy Nigeria is the first online art store in Nigeria with the best brands, inexpensive, and latest art supplies that you need as part of your strategy to make your first or more online sales.

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