Part of the requirements you have to meet before being allowed to participate in [online] art competitions, fairs and shows by most galleries, collectors, curators, art organizations is the provision of your artist biography. Apart from being one of those things an artist-entrepreneur needs to have readily available, artist biography is a must-have for you [offhead and written down somewhere] the upcoming artists because it will come in handy when writing your social media bios, requesting for collaborations, or invited for an interview, and when presenting yourself to anyone interested in your art. 

So, are you worried about how to write your biography as an artist? Below are some of the basic questions and information that can be used as outlines to create a well-written artist biography: 

  •  Your name, place of origin, age, academic qualification, and place of birth: of course one of the ways you can be identified is your name. Providing your age, place of birth, and place of birth gives the art lover an insight into your background and contributes greatly to their attempts to interpret your beautiful artwork. 

  • From where do you draw inspiration and what is your focus as an artist; try to provide a reason for that if you can. 

There are artists who say their inspiration comes from the daily happenings in their immediate environment. What this does is further ease the process of decoding the message you are trying to communicate. 

  • What medium do you favor and what [special] techniques do you use in your artwork? 

These are the kinds of questions that your audience would ask even when you are not physically present. Being able to answer this in your artist biography guides them through the possible confusion some of them might have in the process of assessing your artwork. 

  • Are you a formally educated artist or an informal artist that is a self-made? 

Providing this information helps your audience appreciate your artwork better. 

  • Have you been a part of an exhibition, and what art organization or movement do you belong to.

Importantly, your artist biography should be written in the third person meaning pronouns like he, they, it, she used to represent you in the artist biography. The idea is to make it look like an outsider wrote the account; it looks more enticing that way. 

You should beware of the temptation to write all your life experiences in your artist biography. Make sure that you are writing only the basic and interesting aspects of your career as an artist, not your life history because you don’t want to bore your audience. Save the account of all the beautiful things that happened in your life for event citations or speeches. 

Additionally, understand that you don’t have to follow the trend of starting your artist biography by stating your name, origin, age, and place of birth. The idea is that you start with the most interesting subject and aspects of your life and art history. This helps you to rapidly attract the attention of the audience. 

Always start from the most important things because you don’t want to dull the reader from the beginning. You want to gain their attention from the beginning and sustain it through the reading process. 


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